Environmental and energy-efficient switches ASUS FX series

Environmental and energy-efficient switches ASUS FX series

The company introduced a series of switches ASUStek ASUS FX standard Fast Ethernet, designed for SOHO sector and home users. In models of ASUS FX-D1161 and ASUS FX-D1162 implemented technology Green Network, which reduces electricity consumption by switching unused ports in sleep mode. In addition, the switch FX-D1162 has two ports with a high priority, providing increased bandwidth communications for VIP users. Both switches support data rates of 10/100 Mbit / s.

ASUS FX-D1162 and FX-D1161

FX series switches equipped with special VIP-port high priority. Users connected to these ports receive and send data twice as fast as the corresponding traffic is transmitted over the network with minimal delays.