Chipset Intel 6 Series name and characteristics

Chipset Intel 6 Series — names and characteristics

In the first quarter of 2011, Intel plans to introduce its new processors Sandy Bridge architecture and Cougar Point. These products will have to replace the chips Lynnfield and Clarkdale architecture and Ibex Peak, existing at present. And we now know that the chipsets based on Cougar Point, designed for desktop PCs category Premium and Mainstream, are referred to as P67 and H67.

Intel P67

Currently, the segment decisions Premium and Mainstream dominated chipset P55 and H57. But here it must be understood that Sandy Bridge processors will be released in 1155 and LGA form factor just does not fit into an existing socket LGA 1156, which is used Lynnfield and Clarkdale chips in the lines Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7-8xx.

Phone Mobiado Classic 712MG designed for true Samurais

Phone Mobiado Classic 712MG designed for true Samurais

The company introduced a mobile phone Mobiado Mobiado Classic 712 Mokume Gane (712MG). It derives its name from the Japanese medieval technology works with metals IOC-Hane. It was used mainly to decorate samurai swords and is a few colorful and diverse mix of metals, getting curlicue, sometimes reminiscent of wood. With metals such as nickel, silver, copper and brass shell frame made Mobiado Classic 712MG. And its front and rear panels are covered with sapphire crystal.

Mobiado Classic 712MG

Buttons also with sapphire crystals, they are hand covered in yellow and pink gold and silver. Gold stamped numbers / letters on the front.