The FBI is looking for a Russian-creator of the largest spam network

The FBI is looking for a Russian-creator of the largest spam network

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investigating the case of a Russian citizen who is suspected of creating one of the world's largest spam networks. It is assumed that the 23-year-old Muscovite Oleg is the creator Nikolaienko Internet Project Mega-D, by which previously were sent to a third of all spam in the world.


Until the end of last year, when it was disposed, spam Mega-D network included more than 500,000 infected computers that worked as bots. Among them were sent daily to 10 billion emails. According to investigators, the network Nikolaienko specialized in advertising fake watches "Rolex", various drugs, prescription, illegal drugs and herbal remedies to treat impotence.

NUU Mini Key

NUU Mini Key

NUU Mini Key can transform your iPhone into a slider phone with a physical keyboard.

After proper physical keyboard — this is the part that we certainly do not see the iPhone. But for those users who do not like to type using the touch screen device, there is also plenty of alternatives, including based on Android. And Apple's smartphone owners also have to hope, but they will have to fork out for third-party accessories.

You can select one of these accessories — a case NUU Mini Key, which was shown at IFA this year. This new product not only provides additional protection and reasonable solution to the problems with the iPhone 4 antenna, but also further expands unktsionalnost smartphone user thanks to a sliding physical QWERTY-keyboard.