Cases confirming the updated iPad great speaker

Cases confirming the updated iPad great speaker

Just recently passed the information updated tablet iPad, the development of which is now in the depths of Apple, will likely Enhanced audio along with a great speaker. Arhumentuvalosya it before published images of covers, obviously, when a new version of the Tablet PC on the back of which can be seen quite significant in size hole.

Case for new iPad

Most journalists have suggested that this is the opening for the internal speaker, but also expressed the view that this hole may be imposed under the card slot SD, support which, according to some, may also appear in the new modifications iPad. However, photos of new silicone covers found on AliBaba, confirm it is the presence in the updated iPad bigger in size dynamics.

Brand HP PalmPad — for WebOS tablets

Brand HP PalmPad — for WebOS Tablet?

Company Hewlett-Packard (HP) filed in the Office of Patent and Trademark U.S.(United States Patent and Trademark Office) its new brand — PalmPad. As described in the application, it can be used for computer software for them, computer peripherals, laptops, PDAs, notebooks and mobile electronic devices. That is, this brand is well suited for the widest range of electronics. But most of all, part of the name "Pad" suggests that it may be tablets.

HP PalmPad

For suggestions that under the name PalmPad, HP will release a series of tablets running the operating system WebOS, which the developer recently acquired by HP company Palm.