When processors Chipset Intel Sandy Bridge E (Patsburg) performed by LGA 2011 — details

When processors Chipset Intel Sandy Bridge E (Patsburg) performed by LGA 2011 — details

We have already touched on the news topics of future processor platform Intel LGA 2011, whose debut is expected towards the end of this year. Within this platform to hit the world with a powerful CPU architecture Sandy Bridge E, known under the code name Patsburg, which obviously will replace its existing counterparts in implementing LGA 1366.


Apparently, the new platform will support for four memory DDR3, and the interaction of the CPU chipset will be done via DMI 2. Thus processors Intel Sandy Bridge E will require for themselves and new chipset, the details of one of them became famous thanks to a slide published by the website SemiAccurate.

New Accessories for iPhone 4

New Accessories for iPhone 4

Among Kensington, which produces a variety of products, there is a wide range of accessories for the iPhone and iPod. It is worth noting that a recent line of accessories for the iPhone 4, new device.

Charger called Charging Dock with Mini Battery Pack — a small dock that charges both the iPhone and a separate battery. It can be useful if the smartphone is suddenly discharged. Price charger is 70 dollars.

Standarnyy Charger Charge and Sync can be purchased for $ 30, and a special device for charging the night will cost $ 10 more.

There is also a new accessory specifically for drivers — a holder for suckers, which can be attached to the glass.