Photo enigmatic Communicator ASUS Windows Phone 7

Photo: Mysterious Communicator ASUS Windows Phone 7

The network published the first "live" photo unknown device from ASUSTeK Computer, which runs under the operating system Windows Phone 7. She posted a Twitter user under the name Shaistajafri. Earlier Communicator ASUS on WP7 is shown at MWC, but judging by the photos, this device. Unfortunately, the source said nothing about the new device, all the data on it can be found only with image. It can be seen that a large touchscreen device and is not (at least not visible) hardware keyboard.

Communicator ASUS

As befits a device running Windows Phone 7, the presented model three hardware buttons on the front panel: home, search and back.

Phone severed human ear

Phone severed human ear

30-year-old American, Embry Aaron (Aron Embry) "received by ear" on your smartphone. Model Motorola Droid 2 exploded in the hands of the user immediately after talking to him and caused damage to the ear. The display is split and ear, apparently, was wounded by shrapnel. According to him, Embry heard bang, then saw the blood flowing on his neck. He immediately went to his wife to work, where she was able to take photographs of the damage and smartphone with spots of blood on the split screen.

Aron Embry

Then Aaron Embry went to the hospital, where the wound had to sew. In this case, the doctors confirmed that he had lightly because it could end in hearing.