A year later, Motorola split into two independent companies

A year later, Motorola split into two independent companies

Motorola has announced that its division into two separate companies will be held in the first quarter of 2011. That is, the restructuring is completed, approximately one year later. One of the units will Mobile Devices and Home businesses, which currently exists, and the second — with the Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Networks. Both companies will retain for its product brand Motorola. It is easy to understand from the title, the first newly emerged companies will handle the release of mobile audio and video and other solutions for the home, such as teleprystavok. Her head Sanjay Jha (Sanjay Jha).

So what do you sketch flagship Windows Phone 7 device HTC HD7

So who are you: sketch flagship Windows Phone 7 device HTC HD7

In the global network appears schematic device Windows Phone 7 HTC HD7. It has reportedly taken from the documentation High Tech Computer. The source that provided the sketch, trusted, as he posted a video of the communicator HTC Mozart. As for the schematic pictures HTC HD7, it gives an overview of the appearance of the device, although certainly not give a complete picture of how a full image or a "live" picture.


Judging by the sketch, — HTC HD7 — is pretty slim candy bar with a big screen and a rounded rear panel. Its upper part is camera with dual LED flash, and the bottom unit is a MicroUSB port and headphone jack.