BlackBerry tablet will slide out keyboard

"Tablet" BlackBerry will slide out keyboard?

Previously, we have repeatedly mentioned in the news about the alleged Tablet PC BlackBerry, supposedly developed by the company Research in Motion. Despite the lack of any real evidence, rumors about this device continue to occur with surprising regularity.

For example, the authoritative edition of Wall Street Journal reports that the BlackBerry tablet in addition to the touch screen and virtual keyboard (similar to the sales of Blackberry Storm, iPhone and some Android smartphones), and will slide out hardware keyboard. Furthermore, it is assumed that the tablet computer from Research in Motion will NOT own 3G modem.

Share Mailru the search market

Share on search market

In late 2009, the company search technology provided by "Yandex-" -, handles up to 10% of all searches runet.

But since 2010, after the transition of the company own search technology, share began to decline in August, according to Liveinternet reached target of 7.4%. Google's share in the same period changed from 23.4% to 21.7%. A particle ", Yandex" — increased from 58.9% to 64.3%.

Founder Liveinternet German Klimenko believes that oprobirovannyh experiment using their own search clearly showed how technology affects the quality indicator of loyalty audience.