Breitling for Bentley

Breitling for Bentley

This Swiss brand has become well known for his models of watches, which have chosen for their reliability pilots and numerous representatives of other hazardous occupations.

It is worth noting that one of the models called Emergency realized with the possibility of filing SOS-signal is Sergei Shoigu. But representatives of the manufacturer Breitling always remember the fact that they provide reliable than even luxury watches.

As part of a series of watches Breitling For Bentley Swiss textiles produced luxury mechanical watches with various complications, such as such as tourbillon and perpetual calendar. Mulliner Tourbillon Mullener Perpetual and are named after the secret shop, located in the factory Bentley, where about a hundred craftsmen hand car lead vehicle in accordance with the wishes of individual customers.

This day we will not forget Apple is preparing the announcement dedicated iTunes

This day we will not forget: Apple prepares announcement dedicated iTunes

Apparently, Apple marketers really are champions in the ability to intrigue the audience and get to talk about yourself without spending a lot of money and effort. For several hours online community in every way discusses the mysterious banner that appears on the home page corporate website

Apple Invitation

Actually, since the banner is clear is that today, November 16, 2010, there will be a & ldquo-exciting & rdquo-trailer that has to do with iTunes. And, is this announcement at 10:00 am Eastern U.S.time (18 pm Moscow time), and the information accompanying slogan promises us another day that we will never forget.