Frames Motorola LS — two displays and support for Wi-Fi

Frames Motorola LS — two displays and support for Wi-Fi

Motorola has introduced a series of photo frames Motorola LS. Series presented several models: LS1000W, LS420 Duo, LS700, LS720D and LS1000.

Motorola LS

Frame LS420 Duo has two 4.2-inch screen with a resolution of 234 x 202 pixels, each of which can display a calendar and clock. Frame equipped with a slot for memory cards SD, MMC, MS, as well as a mini-USB port. Model LS720D also has two screens, but they have a diagonal of 7 inches. Also, this model has an MP3 player, speakers and remote control. LS700 was just a 7-inch screen. — LS1000 & ndash-10-inch display, 512MB of internal memory, MP3 player and speakers.

Flagship Android Smartphone HTC Bravo almost officially

Flagship Android Smartphone HTC Bravo almost officially

Resource Coolsmartphone published new information about the smartphone HTC Bravo. This new line of Android smartphones flahaman company High Tech Computer (HTC), his announcement is yet to come, and production, according to unconfirmed information, expected in March. About the device already knows a lot, and his images have appeared and "live" pictures. Now the global network operator entered the document Orange, dedicated smartphone HTC Bravo. Moreover, the name it is — or it will remain as a commercial or operator before the official announcement has decided to use it as the final name is not known.