Trio ASUS motherboards for AMD 760G chipset format Micro-ATX

Trio ASUS motherboards for AMD 760G chipset format Micro-ATX

The company ASUSTeK Computer has expanded its line of motherboards AMD processors under three new solutions in the form of Micro-ATX, based on a combination of chip north and south Bridge 760G + SB710. Two new models, M4A78L-M LE and M4A78L-M, using socket AM2 + and interact with chips AMD performed AM2 (+) and AM3, which support Memory DDR2. At the same time the third charge M4A78LT-M LE AM3 socket has and maintains appropriate CPU and memory DDR3.


All three new ASUS motherboards are equipped with proprietary features such as power management technology EPU, operating system and instant download ExpressGate technology Turbo Key, which aids in overclocking.

Dog e Minder

Dog e Minder

Dog e Minder — an indispensable gadget for dog breeders.

Dog owner who can forget even walk or feed your beloved pet will definitely be a useful gadget as Dog e Minder.

This compact device suspended from collar to your dog. It always remind you when it's time to feed, even walk the dog or give him the necessary medication. After you perform the desired action, you need to be within three seconds to click on the gadget, and then a reminder of the date and time stored in the memory device, and Pressing this button will display the information.

In Memory Dog e Minder is also possible to bring a variety of information, such as your dog's name and phone number with which to call when she got lost.