Steve Ballmer on Windows Vista, we undertook the task too great

Steve Ballmer: Windows Vista-we took up too much problem

He does not discover a big secret, if we say that Windows Vista is by no means the most malokritikuemoy operating system in the world. She made her debut in January 2007, this software platform often subjected to harsh criticism for its slow, resource-intensive and unimportant adaptation to normal operation.


Not accidentally took the last year of the new operating system Windows 7 most persistent fans of Microsoft products preferred to stay on an earlier version of Windows XP, and others just migrated to alternative software platforms, including Mac OS X and various Linux distributions. Thus, Windows Vista, despite the huge cost of its development and implementation, became one of the biggest mistakes Microsoft.

Managed Switches D-Link certified Pv6 Ready Core Logo Phase 2

Managed Switches D-Link certified Pv6 Ready Core Logo Phase 2

Company D-Link announced that the series Switches DGS-3400, DES-3200, DES-3528/52, DGS-3610 series switches and modular DES-7200 has successfully passed the certification of IPv6 Ready Core Logo Phase 2 from the IPv6 Forum.

Pv6 Ready

IPv6 Forum & ndash-is a global industry alliance, the main focus of which is to ensure the implementation and development of technology IPv6. Certification Program IPv6 Ready Logo, spearheaded by IPv6 Forum, provides testing equipment for interoperability and compliance protocols. This compared to Phase-1 testing for compliance with IPv6 Ready Logo Phase-2 involves the passage of a much larger number of tests.