Here!  Sod

Now even the most casual shirts — it's much more than just clothes.

Modern T — is a poster, banner, which can be expressed as the motto of his life, and just the slogan of the moment. One of the original ideas of design t-shirts come design studio employees Prompt Design. They decided to alter the default store T-shirts to the grocery store.

Creative designers have inflicted on t-shirts Brand Here! Sod various images of ordinary food and placed each such incidents to the appropriate package. For example, put a baguette in a paper bag, and beef in a special plastic lotochok. The range of T is constantly updated with new findings, we can put on a shirt with a picture of the beam salad, glass of water, baguette, beef, a piece of cheese popsicle or popcorn.

Ebook Onyx Boox 60 second generation appeared in

Ebook Onyx Boox 60 second generation appeared in

MakTsentr company reported sales of e-books Onyx Boox 60 in. Onyx Boox 60 — a device ebook reader next generation. It combines the functionality of classic e-book, notebook, MP3-player and internet tablet.

Onyx Boox 60

E-book is equipped with a processor with a clock speed of 532 MHz, 128 MB RAM and touch screen, made using the technology of E-Ink Vizplex and Wacom. The screen has a high resolution and can display 8 shades of gray. No flickering lights and anti-glare coating allow your eyes get tired any more than from reading paper books. E-Ink Vizplex have an increased rate of change of the image compared to older types of E-Ink displays.