Hacker installed Windows 311 on the smartphone Google Nexus One Video

Hacker installed Windows 3.11 on a smartphone Google Nexus One — Video

It seems fancy mobile enthusiasts reworked various devices in a new way, a truly inexhaustible. This is particularly evident in the establishment of the various (sometimes — quite exotic) software platforms that are not designed for that smart phones, communicators, etc.

Google Nexus One

Not long ago, we told our readers about quite successful experience in porting to PC iPad Tablet Windows operating system 95. And now there were reports of similar reach a mobile hacker who used as & ldquo-guinea pig & rdquo-Android smartphone Google Nexus One.

Google Nexus One

Moreover, the software platform to be installed on & ldquo-guglofon & rdquo-was chosen more & ldquo-ancient & rdquo-OS Windows 3.11, which is now just remember veterans IT industry.

Phone-LG GD910 watch with touchscreen interface — Ukrainian debut

Phone-LG GD910 watch with touchscreen interface — Ukrainian debut

Company LG Electonics presented at the Ukrainian market watch phone GD910 touch interface. At the minimum thickness of the device allows for both traditional phone calls and messaging and video calls. New made using quality parts processing as expensive watches. The body is made of metal and glass coated to protect from scratches and other damage. Body thickness of only 13.9 mm. -

LG GD910

Scratch-resistant touch screen diagonal of 1.43 inch has a resolution of 128 x 160 (QQVGA) pixels. The intuitive touch interface provides convenience when using phone features, such as text, sound (Text to Speech, TTS), MP3 player, VGA camera, phone book, stopwatch and organizer.