Stereodispley with 64 viewing angles for which you do not need 3D glasses show at CeBIT

Stereodispley with 64 viewing angles, which does not require 3D glasses, show at CeBIT

One of the main problems that hinder the wide introduction of 3D technology is linking viewers to a special stereo glasses, without which you can not see three-dimensional images. These glasses are quite expensive and not always comfortable, besides their use may cause some people headaches and dizziness. Of course, there are attempts to create a 3D system where the stereo glasses are required, but these developments are still very imperfect.

3D Display

One of the latest developments of this kind, it is likely to become 27-inch monitor, created by Singaporean firms Sunny Ocean Studios.

Case for New iPod nano proves — it is square player with touchscreen

Case for New iPod nano proves — it is square player with touchscreen

In the online store Alibaba accessories were not yet announced player iPod nano 6 generation. Judging by the cover image, it can be a square model with touch screen. That is, the earlier rumors about the new iPod nano with touchscreen 3×3 cm indirectly confirmed. Cases are available in several bright colors. Also iPod nano 6 generation — is supposed to be equipped with a 30-pin Apple connector and supports wireless Wi-Fi. Perhaps the new iPod nano in its features and user interface will resemble a mini-iPod touch.

Case iPod nano

Square shape with rounded corners and has a protective film on the screen of the player, which is also offered on Alibaba.