Environmental HDD Samsung F3EG 2TB capacity for productive home PC

Environmental HDD Samsung F3EG 2TB capacity for productive home PC

Samsung Electronics Company presented a new hard drive for home PCs F3EG, characterized by high performance and low emissions. As the producer, HDD EcoGreen F3EG has a higher potential than its predecessor model F2EG. With increased to 2TB volume, novelty can accommodate up to 880 hours of video on DVD or over 500, 000 songs in MP3. Along with the increased volume of new model F3EG become more energy efficient through the use of four high-capacity disks.

Samsung F3EG

Using technology in EcoTriangle Samsung EcoGreen hard drives to achieve low noise and less power consumption. And the use of organic ingredients without the use of halogen compounds and brominated flame retardants can meet the rigorous standards, including international standards RoHS.

The core of NVIDIA GF106 kind of full on live photos

The core of NVIDIA GF106 — full face view the "live" pictures

Following the debut of the GeForce GTX 460 graphics card, based on the 40 nm chip GF104, NVIDIA fans can expect further movement down the Fermi architecture product line and, consequently, the emergence of mass adapters and entry-level technology to support DirectX 11.


These boosters should be already coming fall, and one of them appears to be a model GeForce GTS 450, which we have already mentioned in the news. This graphics card promises to be the first, which is based on lies newest 40 nm chip GF106, & ldquo-live & rdquo-pictures which recently published a Chinese site ZOL.