Squall returns smartphone Nokia N8 in Russia does not exceed the rate

"Squall" returns smartphone Nokia N8 in Russia does not exceed the rate

As you know, the director of sales Savander Nokia Niklas (Niklas Savander) officially recognized the defect battery in smartphone Nokia N8, speaking recently a video on this. According to him, some devices the problem is this: they can shut down and is no longer involved. Moreover, the shipment of defective models has already begun and they tend to go to people who, in turn, will have to take them to the service center. Does it turn over Nokia N8 in more than usual, decided to find out RIA Novosti journalists, interviewing representatives of retail chains selling electronics and mobile phones.

Motorola Crush

Motorola Crush

Motorola has recently unveiled its new phone, pednaznachennyy network for CDMA EV-DO Rev.0.

The new model is called «Crush» and is inexpensive, but according to the developers functional device with good specifications. In which include a 2.8-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 240 x 400, 2 megapixel camera, virtual keyboard layout QWERTY, Stereo Bluetooth, 3,5-millimeter port and supports microSD up to 16GB .

Motorola Crush is made in candybar-on case rozplodzheni two buttons to turn on and blocking devices that are on display on both sides of the speaker.