Apple CEO Presents in San Francisco its new tablet notebook iPad, endowed with touch screen diagonal of 9.7 inches. This multimedia device model is most similar to Apple's phone-device iPhone, but the size of a laptop.

According to the developers iPad successfully combines the advantages of a mobile phone and laptop computer pros. Novelty was one of the most anticipated devices of the company. Appeared that depending on the configuration of the iPad would cost 499 to 829 dollars. In the U.S., a new gadget should appear on sale in March this year.

How to say many experts and analysts, iPad doomed to success and will surely be used in huge demand.

FAS has decided not to sell domains in the area of 10 million rubles

FAS has decided not to sell domains. Rf 10 million rubles

Coordination Center for Internet domain during the last meeting refused to open registration domains. RF-based auction with decreasing (Dutch type) with a starting price of 10 million rubles. Indeed, the cost prohibitive, even if in the future, in terms of the auction, will reduce it. Council Coordination Centre decided that such conditions do not fit simple users and plans to continue to set a reasonable price — 5000 rubles with a gradual decrease during the year — or the market value will be.

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However, according to "Kommersant", a marked decline in prices is not due to concern for users, and the negative reaction of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS).