Passes era Sony closes factory producing CD

Passes era: Sony closes factory producing CD

Seemingly, most recently as the main medium for music content and software were CDs. This type of optical drives widespread in the 90s of last century, and until recently has been very popular because of its cheapness and support a variety of devices, from portable CD players to the musical centers.

Sony plant for the production of CD

But now the CDs were actually on the outskirts of the market. The reason for this popularity was much more intensive media such as, DVD, Blu-ray, as well as becoming more common forms of digital content. In the latter case, music and movies purchased on the relevant internet service and downloaded to your computer or mobile device directly from the World Wide Web.

The court case wrapped human rights activist on the use of unlicensed software

The court case wrapped human rights activist on the use of unlicensed software

As expected, today, March 31, was an additional hearing human rights activist Anastasia Denisova from Krasnodar. We already wrote about what she is accused of using unlicensed software (mostly from Microsoft and Corel) and malware (eg, Sable). The maximum term provided for in the Criminal Code for the following: — 6 years. And, here we are talking about using, not distributing pirated software. Denisova itself believes that it pursued in connection with its advocacy work: she is the head of "ethnics". On its support site created

Anastasia Denisova

At the last hearing in the case, which took place March 29 in Krasnodar, protecting Anastasia Denisova reported a large number of inaccuracies that were made in the investigation.