Hacker stole from Russia and tried to sell 15 million Facebook accounts

Hacker stole from Russia and tried to sell 1.5 million Facebook accounts

Company VeriSign iDefense, dealing with computer security, said the attempt to sell 1.5 million accounts hacked social network Facebook. Accounts were put up for sale on one of the Russian forums. It is assumed that hackers stole Accounts — Russian, he calls himself Kirllos. He requested $ 25 per 1,000 accounts with 10 or less "Friend". Accounts that have had more friends, worth $ 45 per 1,000.

Scary hacker

According to experts, hacked accounts that are sold "wholesale", can be used to send spam and malware through the contact list. Logically, most valued the accounts in which it is more extensive.

Soft displays for U.S. Army

Soft displays for U.S. Army

All have become accustomed to the fact that new technologies reach the army rather than ordinary people.

U.S. Army Soldiers honored to experience in real life, a new high-tech OLED display with a soft matrix. Simply put, these screens can bend and mint, but the image will not change its quality. These screens will be equipped Portable Devices military communications.

Devices of new type will be implemented in a watch with a large screen, with which you can view the map online satellite, watch videos and play sounds (as in the last multimedia devices). To create strange and unusual screen technology was used Universal Display, which shows a strength and endurance to external factors without compromising image in the gadget.