AMD Llano Fusion chip demonstrates the possibilities

AMD Llano Fusion chip demonstrates the possibilities

We have repeatedly introduced our readers with the progress of work on the project AMD Fusion, which includes a new microprocessor architecture with the union central mnohozadachnoho universal parallel processor and graphics processor in a single crystal. This arrangement is believed to help increase efficiency and optimize computing power.

AMD Llano Fusion

In mid-September we even publish & ldquo-live & rdquo-picture, which depicted a chip AMD Llano, a member of the family of Fusion. And now reported that Sunnyvale company as part of its past activities in Taiwan Technical Forum & — Exhibition 2010 again demonstrated its new chip (in the terminology of AMD & ndash-accelerator computing, APU) and its capabilities.

The existence of a new console PSP-4000 confirms advertising accessories

The existence of a new console PSP-4000 confirms advertising accessories

We have repeatedly reported the rumors related to the allegedly prepared by Sony release a new game console PSP-4000. Talk about this game console is abated, it appeared again. Now to confirm rumors came from some unexpected quarters & ndash-out ad. In the latest issue of the British edition of MCV Magazine, writes about events in the gaming industry, was published advertising accessories for PSP-version of the video game Little Big Planet. In this case, the list of devices supported by these accessories, clearly shows a PSP-4000.


Journalists Network Edition Negative Gamer rushed to contact the creators of advertising firms Accessories 4 Gamers, who said that the appearance in the list of devices, titles PSP-4000 is a common mistake.