The quest for a healthy lifestyle and fitness are becoming more popular every year.

As a result there are numerous and programs designed to assist in the calculation of allowable loads and accounting performed physical work. But for now some sets of software and special hardware sensors designed for use with such popular gadgets like Apple's iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, very little.

But the company Wahoo Fitness corrects the situation. For multi-user devices from Apple, it produced a set of software and sensors, called Fisica.

Host Controller VIA VL800 gives users four USB ports 30

Host Controller VIA VL800 gives users four USB 3.0 ports

The next step is to win the market has high standard SuperSpeed USB due to the well-known Taiwanese manufacturer VIA Technologies. Its subsidiary VIA Labs announced the delivery of prototypes of a new host controller VL800, which provides support for devices with interface USB 3.0.


This host controller allows users to connect up to four USB 3.0 compatible devices simultaneously, which is twice the capabilities of existing analogues. After all, if you look closely at the characteristics of motherboards available today with support for interface SuperSpeed USB, you will notice that they referred to the presence of only two respective ports.