E-book From A to Z Now Available

E-book "A to Z" on sale now

All Book Company announced the release of e-book "-From A to Z" — (full registered name of the model — Pocketbook AZ101). With this device you can not only read books but also to combine the process of listening to music, viewing pictures, making notes in the text, and learning a foreign language. —

Pocketbook AZ101

6-inch display from E-Ink technology has a resolution of 600×800 pixels. With lithium-polymer battery (1000 mAh) can perform up to 8,000 without using additional charges. In the read mode the screen immediately stop consuming energy after page load. Optionally, the user can set automatic keypad lock and auto-off.  -

Steve Jobs secretly treated for cancer in Switzerland

Steve Jobs secretly treated for cancer in Switzerland

The network has reported that in 2009, the head of Apple, Steve Jobs made the trip to Switzerland. It was a recreational trip, during which he underwent treatment effects of pancreatic cancer. Recall that this diagnosis was made Jobs in 2004, he had surgery to remove the tumor and then a liver transplant. The fact that Jobs visited Switzerland in 2009, reported the publication of Fortune, he said he took the unusual course of radiological treatment at the hospital of the University of Basil, Switzerland.

Steve Jobs

It is assumed that this has happened before in April of that year, Steve Jobs was transplanted donor liver.