TouchPhone LG MAXX LG-LU9400 with 1 GHz processor officially

TouchPhone LG MAXX LG-LU9400 with 1 GHz processor officially

LG Electronics has officially introduced a mobile phone called MAXX (Model — LG-LU9400). However, while the South Korean market. Maybe soon happen and its international announcement. Phone LG MAXX is interesting because it is based on efficient processor with a clock frequency of 1 GHz. While there is a regular cell phone, not a smartphone or PDA. On the other characteristics of the device to release information bit is only mentioned support for cellular networks Wi-Fi, codec DivX and HD video.


However, there is also anecdotal evidence. According to rumors, LG MAXX features a 3.5-inch touchscreen display with a resolution WVGA, 5 megapixel camera, GPS receiver and digital broadcast tuner T-DMB.

De Witt Blackstream Chronograph

De Witt Blackstream Chronograph

Swiss brand Yeshe De Witt only a few years, although it is hard to believe.

Some time ago, Jerome de Witt, who is a descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte, gathered under his wing an excellent team of professional watchmakers, bought a luxurious mansion on Lake Geneva and four years of hard work produced debut collection of watches, which includes minute repeater, tourbillon, chronograph arrow capable of counting eighth of a second, and a perpetual calendar with retrograde two pointers.

A characteristic feature of this brand is an unusual case Academia — Corpus gear. De Witt Watches brand of avant-garde look, but at the same time have a serious mechanical filling.