Wireless Signal Amplifier TP-LINK TL-WA730RE

Wireless Signal Amplifier TP-LINK TL-WA730RE

The company introduced the TP-LINK wireless signal amplifier TL-WA730RE. The device is designed to install a wireless network connection where you can not lay cable, as well as increasing the effective area of the wireless network.


Default TP-LINK TL-WA730RE operates in amplification, acting as a repeater — novelty can extend the reception, get rid of call quality degradation due to various obstacles and improve the overall performance of the network connection. In addition, the device can operate in a conventional access point — to provide connection via cable or ADSL modem acting as a bridge between the wired and wireless networks.

The final version of the browser Opera 1010 — with Opera Unite

The final version of the browser Opera 10.10 — with Opera Unite

The company Opera Software introduced the final version of the browser Opera 10.10 with Opera Unite & ndash-technology for personal content sharing between different devices. Opera Unite is available as a standard feature browser, which is available for free download at: www.opera.com. This technology is actually ob'edinenyaet in one software package web browser and web server that allows you to change the usual idea of poluprivatnyh methods of data exchange between users.

Opera 10.10

For example, among the main features Opera 10.10 with Opera Unite applications are such as "Access-picture» — (Photo Sharing) — access to 10 GB of photos, located on the user's hard drive by your browser "Media Player "- that allows you to listen to songs from your home music collection on your mobile phone, game console or office computer.