Samsung SCH-W920

Samsung SCH-W920

Samsung has introduced to the public in South Korea its new product — a mobile phone SCH-W920. It is designed in the form factor slider vertical thickness of 12.9 mm and a weight of '96

This mobile phone main focus falls on the work of the networks 3G (HSPDA), embodied particularly convenient to view the mobile digital TV standard in the S-DMB. Phone Samsung SCH-W920 is equipped with a controller Bluetooth, 3-megapixel main camera and an additional one for video calls.

Also, the novelty is the music player, electronic dictionary and phone book for about 3000 records. Price Samsung SCH-W920 is now $ 425.

Hybrid FPA technology from Sony promises a smaller LCD response time

Hybrid FPA technology from Sony promises a smaller LCD response time

Continuing efforts to improve LCD technology, Sony Corporation has officially unveiled its latest achievements on this front & ndash-new method of aligning liquid crystal molecules called Hybrid FPA (Field-induced Photo-reactive Alignment). This technique is essentially a further development of the technology FPA, the development of which was reported last spring, and allows you to create high-quality LCD panel with color reproduction and a much faster response time.

Hybrid FPA Sony

It's no secret that today the champions of the speed of reaction is the pixel matrix TN panels, but the quality of the transfer of colors and viewing angles, to put it mildly, poor.