Steve Jobs is the equivalent of the App Store for Mac OS X BE

Steve Jobs: the equivalent of the App Store for Mac OS X BE

Apple chief Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) has denied that appeared in the rumors of planned introduction of equivalent approval system apps in the App Store for the operating system Mac OS X. Recall that all programs are designed to accommodate the online store App Store, held prior approval of Apple, where they were tested for stability and compliance with internal company requirements.


Designer Fernando Valente (Fernando Valente) Steve Jobs sent a message in which he asked to clarify whether the Cupertino company is planning to introduce for applications in Mac OS X system of prior approval, similar to that applied in the App Store.

Preservation service when changing operator can be implemented remains to find investors

Preservation service when changing operator can be implemented, it remains to find investors

Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation approved the proposal of the Association of regional operators (Arosa) with preservation of Service telephone number when changing operator (Number Portability, NP). Recently, the Ministry of Communications held a meeting on this issue. According to the proposals put forward Arosa need to find an investor and a two experimental zones where conservation is studied by changing the number of mobile and fixed communications. Ministry of Communications approved the idea, right now — for investors who are willing to finance a pilot project.