Shock pig expressed are the owner — Mobile Translator Google Translate for Animals

Shock: pig expressed are the owner — Mobile Translator Google Translate for Animals

Google has introduced another innovation. This translator ... Animal - Google Translate for Animals. While he is under beta. This system is designed for mobile devices based on the OS Android. It helps to translate into human speech sounds made by animals. According to Google, understanding language, "our younger brothers" - is one of the most serious problems of modern society, and finally, she was able to suggest a way to solve it, which is actually sweep social barriers between animals and man.

Google Translate for Animals

Mobile translator works as follows: it is necessary to record the sound that seems to choose the type of animal and the animal with a massive list.

Phone LG GB190 — but the media budget

Phone LG GB190 — budget, but media

LG Electronics has introduced in the model LG GB190. This is a budget phone with a simple multimedia functions at an affordable price. According to the manufacturer, the model is distinguished by compact size and body with quality materials that make the phone a pleasure to hold in your hand. In GB190 interesting blend of color finishes: black control panel is framed under metallic red frame. Lateral surface is made of silver. Large buttons make using the phone Bole convenient.

LG GB190

Music lovers will enjoy the work MP3-player & ndash-phone can play music up to 40 hours. VGA camera allows you to take photos and video.