Universal Electronic Card Muscovites appear in this year

Universal Electronic Card Muscovites appear in this year

The press service of the Moscow City Hall reporters "Interfax" reported on the possibility of universal electronic card Muscovite (UEK). According to the Municipality, mainly such a document proposed to be used in the social sphere, education, health and transport. From 1 January 2012 any citizen of Russia can get universal electronic card in Moscow planned to develop the project, and while UEK applies only in the Astrakhan region — in test form.


According to the press service of the Moscow mayor's office, the card can be used, including, when applying to civil authorities, including, and online.

Accessories for Laptop

Accessories for Laptop

If you're selling compact PCs, pocket PCs, smartphones do not forget about related devices. Relatively inexpensive, not very practical, but it is really extravagant.

For handhelds, for example, is well suited digital video device with a probability of use as a webcam or as flash cards. Although PDAs (PDA) is now equipped with internal digital cameras. PDA Phone and without various gadgets digital device, more than funny. And here's a list of accessories for tablet PC is endless. Microwave for one sandwich is very much desired device for mobile computers.