Hacked by iOS 41 bootrom exploit

Hacked by iOS 4.1 bootrom exploit

One of the team members hackers Chronic Dev Team pod2g announced that he found a bootrom exploit, with which you can hack devices based on iOS 4.1. I wonder what exactly is new firmware communicators began to receive media players iPhone and iPod touch. That is, the jailbreak will be to make the new way that is different from the solution JailbreakMe. On his success pod2g said in the micro-blog Twitter, and other hackers from iPhone Dev Team and Chronic Dev Team through their accounts too, is confirmed.


It is interesting that of Apple, is reportedly not be able to close this newly discovered vulnerability with a simple software patch release for iOS 4.1.

FAS checks Intel's monopoly

FAS checks Intel's monopoly

According to the newspaper "Kommersant-" — FAS (Federal Antimonopoly Service) for about a month conducting market analysis microprocessors. The result of this test may be charged by Intel of breaking antitrust law. With a market share of a company can be considered dominant in the market, and if it abuses its position, for example, impede access to the other players, the Intel faces a large fine — up to 2% of annual revenue. According to market participants, the share of Intel's segments desktops and notebooks up to 70%.

FAS Russia

Now fas study received responses to their requests, complete could take about another six months.