Steve Jobs USB interface 30 is not ready for Mac

Steve Jobs: USB 3.0 interface is not ready for Mac

High-speed USB 3.0 interface plays an increasingly important role in the lives of computer users. Almost daily news summaries found in this or other device that supports this modern standard data, including external hard drives, SSD drives and optical drives, and a variety of motherboards and adapters.

Ports on Computers Apple

Of course, fans of Apple, accustomed to the most advanced functionality in their products, hoping that support for USB 3.0 computers will appear in the updated Mac, which came out this year, but their expectations did not come true. One reader 9to5Mac named Tom Crook (Tom Kruk) even asked for clarification on this issue to Apple CEO Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs).

Ekohadzhet Bugplug

Ekohadzhet Bugplug

Let me introduce you to a new ekohadzhetom the company Ah & — Oh Studio. This electronic pet will always greet you with a happy smile funny spaced antennas as eyes. His name — Bugplug. Do not be wary of its name, the purpose of this device is more friendly and economic.

"And what is it we can come in handy? What is its economy? "- You ask. Let's look at our daily lives.

Notice how many electrical devices connected to the network in our home. Perhaps you have devices that are in "sleep" mode. In this state, home appliances consumes energy is like a handful of — "penny."