Shock mobile phones with touch screen may become carriers of germs

Shock: mobile phone touch screen can become carriers of germs

We know that some people are afraid to use cell phones (or at least long talk to them) through radio capable of alleged harm to health. Although long since proved that the background radiation, the output of a mobile phone is quite low and does not pose a serious threat, internal fears are sometimes stronger.

Prudence does not hurt

One & ldquo-horror & rdquo-, associated with cellular became public thanks to research conducted by Stanford University (Stanford University). It states that if the surface of the touch screen device listed viruses, about 30 percent of them will be followed on the fingertips of anyone who applies to the display.

Ultrathin Plasma 3D TV Samsung series 7000 and 6900 in the Russian market

Ultrathin Plasma 3D TV Samsung series 7000 and 6900 in the Russian market

Samsung Electronics Company presented on the Russian market of Plasma 3D TV series 7000 and 6900 with a widescreen diagonal of 63 inches and 50 sootvetsvetstvenno. Slim elegant body (TB total thickness of 3.59 cm), different texture with natural materials.

Samsung PS63C7000

For quality 3D and 2D images and dynamic, clear picture for new plasma TVs processor Samsung corresponding 3D HyperReal Engine. Models are also equipped with technology Clear Image Panel. The design of the panel instead of the usual glass using a thin film filter that eliminates dual display and provides clarity and color for almost any viewing angle.