Thin Clients Norma-TS P710MPGP XPE and Norma-TS L66VCMB XPE

Thin Clients Norma-TS P710MP/GP XPE and Norma-TS L66VC/MB XPE

Company Norma-TS («-Norma-Terminal Solutions" -) today announced the expansion of its range of thin clients two new models Norma-TS P710MP/GP and L66VC/MB the operating system Windows Embedded Standard. As the company combine modern fanless VIA hardware platform and operating system of Windows Embedded Standard can solve basic tasks available standard PC, maintaining all of the features and advantages of the terminal.

Norma-TS P710MP XPE

Thin Client under Windows Embedded Standard (XPE) & ndash-a solution that allows you to use any terminal protocols, for which there are clients for Windows XP. The system includes a modern web-browser and media player.

LG GT 540 Optimus

LG GT 540 Optimus

This phone model from LG in the line of Optimus, well refined at work in social networks and marketed by the manufacturer as an entry-level smartphone.

LG GT 540 Optimus successfully optimized for users who have not used a smartphone. In this model it is possible, using a touch screen that occupies most of the front panel, type the message and enter your phone number. The smartphone has integrated a special online package of applications available on Google, which will be available immediately after authorization.

Specially designed client application from LG for social networking makes it easy to keep track of all your accounts on various popular network services.