Mobile Phone Review Motorola Razr V3

Mobile Phone Review Motorola Razr V3

Mobile Phone Review Motorola Razr V3


This model, which appeared in 2006, soon attracted the attention of his name. Indeed, the title tune with the words razor (English — a razor) gave already some idea of ultra-thin mobile phone. In addition, perhaps in concert with the title, the design was taken for metal phone pad. Create hyperfine patterns easy task. Trying to fit all the necessary components without compromising functionality was a breakthrough at the time.


This unique delicacy, similar to the blade, caused widespread form of phone. Folded it has a thickness of only 1.4 cm

The remote lock Intel Sandy Bridge will reduce the risk of theft of laptop

The remote lock Intel Sandy Bridge will reduce the risk of theft of laptop

Clearly, the future of Intel architecture Sandy Bridge, the official debut of which remains a matter of weeks, will be able to offer its users many interesting addition to increased efficiency and higher performance of integrated graphics. For example, according to the information announced by a senior representative of Intel David Allen (David Allen) in an interview, the 32 nm CPU will feature the so-called remote locking.

Intel Sandy Bridge

This functionality will be part of proprietary technology Anti-Theft 3.0 and allow users to remotely lock your laptop in case of loss or theft, as its earlier version already used in existing chips Intel Core i5 and Core i7, appearing in platform vPro.