iPhone charging wind

iPhone charging wind

New gadget for famous consonant with the iPhone iFan name that sat appointed charging the battery.

When creating charger its developer Teerd Veenhovenu (Tjeerd Veenhoven) used a simple computer fan. The energy of rotation of the blades under the influence of wind power is converted into electrical energy and six hours can fully charge the battery that sat. If you are going on a bike ride in the evening with a breeze, and the battery approaches zero, the use of new iFan will long stay in touch.

Gadget maker plans to finalize the fan blades that accelerate the process of charging.

The successful quarter for Palm — loss was reduced at times

The successful quarter for Palm — loss was reduced at times

Palm Company reported for the second quarter of fiscal 2010 which ended November 27. Total revenue for the period was $ 78.1 million, nearly half of the income earned the year before Palm — $ 191.6 million. But in the net loss was achieved substantial progress. Despite the fact that the last quarter was still unprofitable, the company lost a net loss of only $ 85.3 million. It was "only" as in the same period last year, she had to write off losses of as much as $ 590 million.


The volume of deliveries Palm smartphones in the second quarter of fiscal 2010 totaled 783,000 units. This is 41% more than in the same period of fiscal year 2009.