Install Windows 7 is accompanied by endless reboot hangs at 62

Install Windows 7 is accompanied by endless reboot hangs at 62%

Despite the fact that the popularity of the new operating system, Windows 7 is very high (we reported about the record for pre-orders set by Windows 7 in UK online retailer Amazon), forums Microsoft Product Support growing number of reports of various failures. For example, when upgrading to Windows Vista, the new version of the system sometimes falls into infinite reboot.

Windows 7

Another mistake, the mention of which is found on forums Microsoft, has a problem called & ldquo-crash by 62 percent & rdquo-. She concludes that the process of installing Windows 7 freezes at 62 percent. Actually, she redmondskaya corporation and does not deny that its new design contained some errors.

Steve Wozniak buy Apple tablet as soon as it will be on sale

Steve Wozniak Buy Tablet Apple, once it will be on sale

While Steve Wozniak (Steve Wozniak), famous designer and co-founder of computers Apple, no longer an employee of the company, his idea for fans of apple products nadkushenyy still extremely important. Recently Wozniak spoke about the Tablet PC Apple, claiming that buy this product immediately after its appearance in the sale.

Steve Wozniak

It is interesting that this announcement was made at a press conference of Fusion-io, where Steve Wozniak is working. However, a longtime associate Steve Jobs said that the tablet will become Apple, if it is a thing corresponding to its expectations. The president of Fusion-io David Flynn (David Flynn) not without humor, said: & ldquo-You talk to the guy who has seven navigation system in his car.