MW-10 from Panasonic

MW-10 from Panasonic

There are photo frames that can play media files are not uncommon, but the combination of these features have been claimed in a recent photo frame represented MW-10 from Panasonic, is not met.

This multimedia photo frame can be regarded as a compact home entertainment center. In Panasonic MW-10 integrated CD-drive, AM / FM radio with memory for 45 stations and good speakers that (with the assurance of manufacturer) provide high quality reproduced sound and excellent job with bass frequencies due to the technology used D.Bass.

The new gadget is equipped with 9-inch display and can play music, videos and pictures that are stored both in its own memory (4 GB total capacity) and on different CD-ROM, memory cards SD.

Spy photos of the Acer laptop with two touch screen

Spy Photos: Acer laptop with two touch screen

Portal Tech Review Source posted a "live" pictures laptop from Acer, which the company is just now developing. The model is equipped with two touch screen with a diagonal of 15 inches, but the usual hardware keyboard it does not. In this laptop as a keyboard and touchpad may serve as one of the touch screens or both at once, they are, by the way, support multisensor control (multi-touch). According to sources, the device is built on a 2.67 GHz Intel Core i5 processor and runs on Microsoft Windows operating system 7.

Acer Laptop

Thus, the model is still in an early stage of development and still works quite slowly and with failures.