Stolen data network accounts 13,000 In Contact

Stolen data 13,000 accounts network "VKontakte"

Hackers have once again stolen the data of several thousand user accounts social network "VKontakte-'-. One of the visitors to the site found Habrahabr base with login and password are 13,000 accounts, that is, they were already in the public domain in the global network. Now several resources published a list of usernames (not passwords), where each user can search their own account and see if it is broken.


It should be noted that the common method of obtaining such information as strangers logins and passwords is by using malicious software that when a user attempts to log on to a social networking site, opens another site to look exactly the same.

Easy to use new digital voice recorders from Sony

Easy to use new digital voice recorders from Sony

Sony has announced the launch of a new line of digital MP3 recorder. As the manufacturer, in the latest high quality sound combined with long record and usability.


IC Recorder ICD-SX750 and ICD-SX850 with a thin and elegant design provides sound quality and extra-long recording time. Flash memory 2 GB model SX750 can store at least 750 hours of voice recordings or music (Long Play mode). The model SX850 4GB of memory in use, which increases the recording time to 1505 hours, more than two months of continuous sounding voice or music. The functionality of the device extended by the use of triple microphones for high-quality voice recording or music.