Digital photo frames Sony S-Frame — Frame printer AVCHD with stereo sound, and models based on LED

Digital photo frames Sony S-Frame — Frame printer, AVCHD with stereo sound, and models based on LED

Sony has introduced a new line of digital photo frames S-Frame. As the manufacturer, Sony S-Frame offers quality inspection favorite photos, now also with the ability to play videos in AVCHD, with stereo line in the older models. — All new S-Frame models have higher levels of contrast and brightness thanks to LED backlighting. Just innovations offer a wide range of view modes slideshows — and lots of options display clock and calendar to diversify nice view your photo collection. —

Sony S-Frame XR100

All models have a backlight Sony logo on the front, which automatically disappears if you put the frame to portrait position.

Apple sells iPad

Apple sells iPad

Apple has started last Saturday selling their new original tablet PC iPad.

As a result of early morning gathered crowd of fans in stores in the U.S... Analysts are still undecided in the estimates for how successful innovations is that first weekend, and that the number of devices, Apple will sell in a year.

Apple is positioning its new iPad device as the first representative of a new kind of electronic devices that are between smartphones and laptops and allows users to go online to read

books, play computer games, watch videos, and perform many other tasks.