Cost gaming system Microsoft Project Natal may be about 200

Cost gaming system Microsoft Project Natal could be around $ 200

It is possible that fans of video games have to give up the dream of cheap and nice gifts for Christmas as a gaming system Microsoft Project Natal, the world premiere of which will take place June 13 on profile the E3 2010. According to information published by three Swedish retailers, the cost of Project Natal in the Scandinavian country will be 1499 SEK, ie just under $ 200.

Microsoft Project Natal

Even considering that Sweden has traditionally been the way of life for the country (eg, video games priced at $ 60 in the U.S. in Sweden are sold for around $ 80 in the corresponding equivalent), more than twice the difference with previous forecasts in the cost of Project Natal, is, to say the least , strange.

FAS per-second billing roaming in the CIS — next year

FAS: per second billing of roaming in the CIS — next year

Yesterday, at a press conference at the club FRAMES "RIA Novosti" became deputy head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia Anatoly Holomolzyn. He said that FAS is now discussing with the Ministry of Communications and mobile operators the ability to change the unit rate while roaming in the CIS. The idea is to replace the per-minute billing for a better per-second for the person or, in the alternative, 10 seconds. Holomolzyn believes that this will be achieved next year. Deputy Head of FAS also noted that to date 80% of mobile operators in the CIS countries have reduced the cost of settling.