Tuner Compro VideoMate U830F USB TV 20 on the road and at home

Tuner Compro VideoMate U830F USB 2.0 — TV on the go and at home

Compro Technology Company presented on the Russian market a new type of USB 2.0 tuners & mdash-VideoMate U830F. This tuner, providing quality reception of analog TV and FM radio band on a laptop or desktop PC different from previous tuners of mediaprotsesorom: it used chipset from ATI & mdash-one of the most advanced on the market. What comes bundled Microsoft certified MPEG-2 encoder provides the ability to use the tuner with Windows Media Center, that are included in Windows 7 or Vista versions Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate.

Compro VideoMate U830F

Brand ComproDTV 4.5 software lets you view and record live TV, to review the channels to capture individual frames as well as their sequence, adjust image settings, and provides a record on schedule, including during sleep / standby (S4/S3).

iPhone 4G

iPhone 4G

It was reported that the American company Apple on Monday unveiled its next-generation smartphone iPhone, using which, for example, the owners ustryostva first appeared able to make video calls.

iPhone 4 is equipped with a powerful camera and higher resolution screen also supports parallel execution of tasks (for example, now you can easily while listening to music, using the Internet and send messages). It is also worth noting that the iPhone 4 has become thinner.

Apple is faced with ever increasing competition in the smartphone market dynamic and scheduled release of new models of the iPhone 4 aimed at strengthening the company's position in this segment.