The technology promises Nemoptic eBooks with video

The technology promises Nemoptic eBooks with video

Technology & ldquo-e Ink & rdquo-(E-Ink) regularly serves users of electronic books for several years. Its main advantages are the extremely low power consumption and low eye fatigue guide as to display content in the technology used reflected light.


However, recently eBooks experiencing increasing pressure from the emerging market of tablet computers, which can also be used for reading, but have a number of other advantages, in particular, can play video.

The last feature, however, may well settle down and eBooks, unless, of course, will further develop the new technology offered by Nemoptic.

Color e-reader Plastic Logic will be in spring 2010

Color e-reader Plastic Logic will be in spring 2010

Representative selling companies Barnes & — Noble Dzhoresson Daniel (Daniel Joresson) confirmed the exhibition CTIA, the first color e-book will appear in the U.S. in spring 2010. The electronic device of Plastic Logic will have smaller dimensions than 8,5 x11 inches and will screen the size of a paperback. It is expected that color e-reader from Barnes & — Noble appears earlier than the version with color display Amazon Kindle, as well as most other competitors.

e-reader Plastic Logic

E-book, of course, have a direct access to the Barnes & — Noble. While there is no certainty, but it appears that while the issue of color e-reader will complement B &-N access online e-book store for mobile phones, including iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices.