Fateful decision was made to update Motorola Milestone Android 22

Fateful decision was made: Motorola Milestone update to Android 2.2

A few days ago we reported that, Motorola is at a crossroads and busy making a fateful owners of the smartphone Motorola Milestone decision: to be or not to be for him update Android 2.2. And now, as it became known, the company has made its choice: a new version of the operating system for the Motorola Milestone — it will be September. This important information reported German operator O2 through your account Twitter.

Motorola Milestone

They noted that the European version of the smartphone Motorola Droid (Milestone) will support Android 2.2 in mid-to late next month. And it is obviously not just about devices sold in Germany, but also the Motorola Milestone for Europe as a whole.

Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct

The developers of the Wi-Fi Alliance announced the release of its new specification standard Wi-Fi.

So now that device with the option of Wi-Fi can communicate with each other without the help of different routers. You will need a software update.

A new standard called Wi-Fi Direct and it will not distort the speed and coverage area Wi-Fi. Devices with Wi-Fi Direct will be able to automatically find each other and communicate within reach of the signal. It will be something like a wireless version of peer-to-peer.

In support of the new technology will be run powerful advertising campaign. But taking into account that the transition to a new technology need only install the patch, Wi-Fi Direct can quickly gain popularity.