Steve Ballmer Windows 7 hits record sales

Steve Ballmer: Windows 7 hits record sales

President of Microsoft's Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) said at a press conference in Japan, the new operating system Windows 7 broke the record earlier sales initially. According to Ballmer, the income from sales of Windows 7 for the first 10 days of release exceeded the income derived from any other version of Windows at the same time. However, Ballmer declined to give the exact number of copies sold and the amount of proceeds received. He just called the performance "fantastic."

Steve Ballmer

More accurate statistics provided company NPD Group. According to her, in the first few days after the release of Windows 7 has sold three times more copies of the operating system than Windows Vista, when she had just entered the market.

Moving the phone MTS Trendy Touch 547 less 3000 rubles

Moving the phone MTS Trendy Touch 547 less 3000 rubles

Russian operator MTS has announced the launch of sales in its retail branded new touch phone — MTS Trendy Touch 547. He has a good set of features and has affordable price. The device features a 2.8-inch touchscreen display and a 2 megapixel camera, it is available in black and white buildings.

MTS Trendy Touch 547

The model is compact and light, in addition, it not only provides Internet access through the browser Opera mini, but can easily use the services of MTS: Red Box, "easy payment", "Mobile Mail" and multimedia entertainment portal However, Internet access is not particularly speed: 3G support is not available.