Thinnest Laptop Dell Adamo XPS will cost 2000

Thinnest Laptop Dell Adamo XPS will cost $ 2,000

Publishing Business Week published an article which stated that sales in the world's finest laptop Dell Adamo XPS will begin October 22, with the release of Windows 7. After all, her laptop-based record. Its value, as one would assume, is not the budget — it is $ 2000. Recall claimed thick Dell Adamo XPS — only 9.99 mm. Naturally, in this case does not provide an optical drive, which applies the necessary connectors, it just according to their thickness and engineered building is clearly visible in the images.

Dell Adamo XPS

Also, the source reported that the Dell Adamo XPS has a very interesting design element: the edge he placed the bar, is sensitive to heat.

In Samsung Wave iPad and iPhone 4 — same 1 GHz processor

In Samsung Wave, iPad and iPhone 4 — same 1 GHz processor

The experts UBM TechInsights announced they made an important discovery. They reported that recently went on sale Samsung Wave S8500 smartphone based on Bada operating system is built on the same chip Apple A4, which tablet iPad, and the new iPhone 4 device. This processor architecture and ARM Cortex A8 1 GHz. A solution that uses the Samsung Wave, called S5PC110A01, it is a joint development companies Samsung Electronics and Intrinsity.

Samsung A4

Apple has not long ago acquired a producer and processor Intrinsity based processor under its brand Apple A4 is also Samsung S5PC110A01. According to UBM TechInsights, based on this chip is another productive solution — Samsung Galaxy S.