Social Networking In Touch charged with piracy

Social Network

It was reported that the social network ", In Touch" — one of the current owners of which the company Group, is accused of piracy.

Company "in-contact" — appeared in the published list of distributors of illegal content. Employees American recording organization (RIAA) put it in 2nd place right after the Chinese search engine Baidu. A letter from the U.S. Trade Representative RIAA implies that the social network "in-contact" — gave users the option using which they can upload to the site to any music and video without any consent of the respective owners.

Solid State Drive OCZ Onyx 32GB costs $ 99

Solid State Drive OCZ Onyx 32GB costs $ 99

It seems that the era of expensive (and therefore inaccessible to most consumers) SSD drives are gradually disappearing. For example, the company announced a new OCZ Solid State Drive in a series of Onyx, whose capacity is 32GB and this product is only $ 99.

OCZ Onyx

Solid State Drive OCZ Onyx 32GB equipped with Indilinx Amigos controller and executed in the form factor of 2.5 inches. New made from NAND memory chips with multilevel-cell (MLC) and has an interface SATA 3.0 Gbps, and cache in the amount of 64 MB and supports features TRIM.

MTBF SSD drive OCZ Onyx 32GB is half a million hours and a maximum speed of read and write data up to 125 and 70 MB / s, respectively.