Cost Radeon HD 5870 reduced the eve of the release of Radeon HD 6900 cards

Cost Radeon HD 5870 reduced the eve of the release of Radeon HD 6900 cards

Typically, the approach of the release of new products, such as graphics cards, you can determine not only the growing number of sources, but also to reduce the prices of their existing counterparts. Proof of this can be subject portal Hexus a fairly significant reduction in the cost of this one-chip flagship AMD Radeon HD 5870.

Radeon HD 5870

It is reported that this is quite a powerful graphics card can be purchased in e-commerce for 190 pounds, which is 44.50 pounds less than the previous price. However, this reduction applies only until the model XFX Radeon HD 5870 1 GB & ldquo-nabortnoyi & rdquo-memory, but there is no doubt that soon the same AMD partners will try to get rid of stocks accelerators Radeon HD 5800 series.

The 27-inch iMac is still a problem with drawing the second patch on the way

The 27-inch iMac still problems with the graphics, another patch on the way

We have reported problems with the graphics found on the new model 27-inch computers-monoblocks iMac. Recall that some users of the device complained of flickering that appears on the computer screen, or even complete loss of signal. This led us to develop and Apple release in late December 2009 firmware update 27-inch iMac, which was to eliminate the problems. However, complaints about the irritating flickering from users of this computer is not stopped.


However, probably, soon users 27-inch iMac can breathe a sigh of relief. According to Apple Discussions forum, citing technicians AppleCare, & ldquo-Fruit & rdquo-company prepares another firmware update for 27-inch iMac, designed to finally resolve all the problems of computer graphic component.