The company recently announced the release WarMouse unusual computer mouse OOMouse. This is the first bahatoknopkovyy mouse that is specifically designed to work with software products such as Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk AutoCAD, Microsoft Office and OpenOffice.org.

The patented original design OOMouse is on this device as much as 18 buttons and analog stick. That's why this mouse provides quick call 52 teams, which greatly simplify the work with such a complex and multifunctional software.

In OOMouse implemented standard profiles for the five basic applications OpenOffice.org, created with data that were obtained by analyzing the use of office suite OOo 3.1.

Technology Skinput — transform skin into a touchscreen

Technology Skinput — transform skin into a touchscreen

Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University (Carnegie Mellon University), and Microsoft has introduced joint development called Skinput. This technology allows to transform human skin into a touch screen. Specifically, holding or pressing your finger over the surface of the skin palm or forearm, you can, for example, to dial a telephone number, use the menus or playing Tetris. The controls are designed for hand and pressed in turn, captures and interprets a special bracelet that fits over the top of the hand. He has piezoelectric sensors, pressure sensitive, movement and so on.


Clicking that occur on the surface of the skin can be transferred from the bracelet to your mobile device or computer wirelessly (eg, Bluetooth).