Thickness 40-inch LED TV Samsung Needle Slim does not exceed 39 mm

Thickness 40-inch LED TV Samsung Needle Slim does not exceed 3.9 mm

South Korean company Samsung Electronics introduced its latest innovation & ndash-40-inch FullHD TV Needle Slim LED Display (LED), whose thickness does not exceed 3.9 mm. According to the manufacturer, this TV is the thinnest in the world ustroystvoi this class.

Samsung LED TV

Despite the negligible thickness, the new Samsung LED TV has a background LED backlight, contrast ratio of 5000: 1 and surplus frequency of 120 Hz. In addition, as with all LED models, the new has better brightness and energy efficiency compared to conventional LCD counterparts.

The cost and date of start of sales of super fine LED Samsung TV is not reported.

In the Mosfilm studio was a virtual movie theater

In the studio "Mosfilm", a virtual theater

FSUE "Kinokontsern" Mosfilm "opened Internet Cinema Portal — Catalog of films, of which he is the holder. While the site is still in beta, but in the coming days it will start to work fully. As stated on, there you movies masters of Soviet and Russian film with a unique fund set up for 85 years of the studio. Initially, visitors will be invited 142 film and catalog will be updated.

Golden collection of Mosfilm

In order to become a guest virtual cinema "Mosfilm" will need to register on the site by specifying email account, password, name and currency of payment (this may be Web Money, YandeksDenhi, e-port or Kredytpilot).