Bright rotator Motorola Flipout is available for sale in Europe for 349 Euros

Bright rotator Motorola Flipout is available for sale in Europe for 349 Euros

Motorola has announced the imminent launch of sales model Motorola Flipout in Germany. New released in this region in July and will cost 349 euros. It can be purchased in stores Vodafone, O2 and The Phone House without a contract. So far nothing has been reported about the release of this extraordinary smartphone in other European countries, but most likely start selling there is not far off. Recall, Motorola Flipout draws attention primarily to its square form factor rotator with a touch screen and QWERTY keyboard and bright body colors.

Motorola Flipout

Upcoming Smartphone Motorola Flipout held in early June.

In an increasing number of brands

In an increasing number of brands

There is the fact that the total number of different brands in our country is growing steadily, and at a record pace.

Specialists of «Thomson CompuMark» conducted a detailed study that showed that over the past 5 years, the number of registered trademarks has increased by 46%. During the same period increase the number of brands in China amounted to 3%, and in the U.S. — 6%. Only last in 2009 in Russia were documented over 36 thousand registered trademarks.

Experts say that this growth can be easily explained by a significant backlog Russian market. Also, they noted that in Europe and America, this practice is much longer than in Russia, what similar markets of these regions already saturated.